Lisbon Tour – Part 3. By Mareni Pichler

Everyone, this is Mareni’s final post for her Lisbon visit. It’s longer than the other ones but she she has included so much fabulous information, I felt it important to include everything. I for one definitely want to visit this city!! Thank you Mareni! From my last trip I remembered to go to the Fabrica dos Pastéis de […]

A Tour of Lisbon – Part 2. By Mareni Pichler

Mareni’s Lisbon travels continued – please enjoy.   We admire the first painting hung outside on the wall of a building of “Art in the Street — “Coming Out” in the Rua das Taipas. (The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga exhibitsuntil the end of the year very high quality reproduction of 31 masterpieces from its collections, […]