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Spotlight on Barbara de Simone by Susannah Grant

  For this month’s Spotlight we relax and lose ourselves in the life of Neopolitan-born Barbara de Simone, PhD, Acupuncturist and Zen Meditation Coach, whose career has spanned the frenetic pace of International Politics, Global Sales and Marketing brands before settling for the calm of Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other holistic treatments. You’ve lived […]

Chinese Tea Maestro casts a spell over INC at the Amaté Tea Shop

Last month Brigitte, INC’s very own Fairy Godmother, treated us to a very special Chinese Tea Ceremony with some original add-ons of intrigue and healthy palate-teasers at family-run Tienda Amaté near Colón. I was half expecting a tiny, dark, musty and mysterious shop bulging with tins of tea on precarious bamboo shelving. Instead, I stepped […]

Spotlight on Marlene Markhoul by Susannah Grant

This month we delve into the war-torn past of ultra-resilient Lebanese Structural Engineer, mother of 3 with a classical choral voice who enjoys the best of both worlds in Madrid and Athens and their respective INCs, Marlene Makhoul. What was it like growing up in Lebanon in the 1970’s? My childhood in Lebanon was wonderful […]

Do-it-Yourself Sushi at home with Lucia Shimizu & Nobuko Crook by Susannah Grant

Whilst Sushi is internationally recognised all over the world as one of the key elements of Japanese cuisine, few people know how to make fun, simple versions to enjoy and prepare en famille at home. I was immediately struck by the value of this collective food preparation concept in a world where we increasingly live […]


ISABEL GOIRI BASALDÚA WELCOMES INC TO HER ATELIER IN MADRID                                          Last month some of us were fortunate enough to visit the atelier of Madrid’s last remaining family-owned Haute Couture fashion house, Casa Basaldúa.  We were warmly received by Isabel Goiri Basaldúa, the current Creative Director and grand-daughter of the founder. As many Madrileños are […]

Baking Muffins, Scones and Biscuits galore with Elaine Samson by Denise Kildare

Eight of us arrived at Elaine’s apartment with our aprons, ready to start and take her expert instruction on Muffins, Scones and Biscuits. She quickly organised us into pairs in her kitchen and allocated us to our stations – chopping, grating, measuring and following the recipes for the first items on our list of baking […]

Susannah Grant discovers cows with a wow at Casa Julián de Tolosa

Hailed as the “best steak” in the world by Forbes Magazine Casa Julián de Tolosa is an essential carnivorous experience to savour on the Capital’s gastronomic map as I discovered in the Cava Baja branch. The restaurant owes its origins to a local fruit shop owner from Tolosa, Julián Rivas, who in 1954, decided to […]

Spain at your feet – a hiker’s paradise by Elaine Samson

Spain is literally at your feet …hiking is a fabulous way to get to know Spain in a more up-close-and-personal way.  It is a great way to explore Madrid, discover historic towns, see lots of different scenery, get great exercise, and meet interesting new people.  Living in Spain introduced me to hiking and it is now […]

Spotlight on Russell Zehtab-Noghiu by Susannah Grant

This month’s Spotlight focuses on INC’s very own, multi-faceted, multi-racial, Community Relations and Advertising executive as well as educator, trainer, entrepreneur, mentor and champion of women, mother of 3, Russell Zehtab-Noghiu. You and your husband could be United Nations just on your own, can you take us through the 11 different ethnicities you have between […]