Chinese Tea Maestro casts a spell over INC at the Amaté Tea Shop

Last month Brigitte, INC’s very own Fairy Godmother, treated us to a very special Chinese Tea Ceremony with some original add-ons of intrigue and healthy palate-teasers at family-run Tienda Amaté near Colón. I was half expecting a tiny, dark, musty and mysterious shop bulging with tins of tea on precarious bamboo shelving. Instead, I stepped […]

Do-it-Yourself Sushi at home with Lucia Shimizu & Nobuko Crook by Susannah Grant

Whilst Sushi is internationally recognised all over the world as one of the key elements of Japanese cuisine, few people know how to make fun, simple versions to enjoy and prepare en famille at home. I was immediately struck by the value of this collective food preparation concept in a world where we increasingly live […]

Baking Muffins, Scones and Biscuits galore with Elaine Samson by Denise Kildare

Eight of us arrived at Elaine’s apartment with our aprons, ready to start and take her expert instruction on Muffins, Scones and Biscuits. She quickly organised us into pairs in her kitchen and allocated us to our stations – chopping, grating, measuring and following the recipes for the first items on our list of baking […]

Susannah Grant discovers cows with a wow at Casa Julián de Tolosa

Hailed as the “best steak” in the world by Forbes Magazine Casa Julián de Tolosa is an essential carnivorous experience to savour on the Capital’s gastronomic map as I discovered in the Cava Baja branch. The restaurant owes its origins to a local fruit shop owner from Tolosa, Julián Rivas, who in 1954, decided to […]

FROM “RUSSIA” WITH LOVE by Susannah Grant, a slightly mad hatter

With Valentine´s Day fast approaching I´m thinking now´s the time to buy a typical yet very original sweet treat for the loved one in our life. So how about some of Confitería Rialto´s typical chocolate-coated almond biscuits or “moscovitas”. Naturally this, more truthfully, would be a veiled present to ourselves but they are so delicious […]

East meets West at Bacira restaurant by Susannah Grant

BACIRA In the heart of Madrid’s fashionable Chamberí district life lies a gem of a restaurant called Bacira. The cuisine is Mediterranean fused with Asian influences and the 3 chefs have an impressive culinary CV behind them, having worked together at a former well-known Peruvian-Japanese restaurant in Madrid, Nikkei 225. Bacira exudes a calming uplifting […]

LaKasa restaurant by Eleanor Pojer

LaKasa by Eleanor Pojer There are so many hidden gems of restaurants here in Madrid. One of our favourites that we like to go is called LaKasa which is a great choice for those occasions when you’re looking for something special. It is a modern restaurant with a warm welcoming atmosphere and you’ll need to […]