Spotlight on Barbara de Simone by Susannah Grant

  For this month’s Spotlight we relax and lose ourselves in the life of Neopolitan-born Barbara de Simone, PhD, Acupuncturist and Zen Meditation Coach, whose career has spanned the frenetic pace of International Politics, Global Sales and Marketing brands before settling for the calm of Traditional Chinese Medicine and many other holistic treatments. You’ve lived […]

Spotlight on Marlene Markhoul by Susannah Grant

This month we delve into the war-torn past of ultra-resilient Lebanese Structural Engineer, mother of 3 with a classical choral voice who enjoys the best of both worlds in Madrid and Athens and their respective INCs, Marlene Makhoul. What was it like growing up in Lebanon in the 1970’s? My childhood in Lebanon was wonderful […]

Spotlight on Russell Zehtab-Noghiu by Susannah Grant

This month’s Spotlight focuses on INC’s very own, multi-faceted, multi-racial, Community Relations and Advertising executive as well as educator, trainer, entrepreneur, mentor and champion of women, mother of 3, Russell Zehtab-Noghiu. You and your husband could be United Nations just on your own, can you take us through the 11 different ethnicities you have between […]

Spotlight on Linda Talluto by Susannah Grant

This month we catch up with Boston-raised, former corporate banker, organiser extraordinaire of INC wine and tapas events, US Embassy Community Liaison Officer, intrepid traveller and imminent grandmother, Linda Talluto What have you been doing in Madrid since you arrived a year ago? To be honest, I spent a lot of time trying to figure […]

Spotlight on Carrie Chen Jun by Susannah Grant

CARRIE CHEN JUN This month we talk to Shanghai-born, Auditor, Financial Broker, Professional Singer, Author, Multi-lingual interpreter and Business Advisor, Carrie Chen Jun. What brought you to Madrid in 2002? An aeroplane! I felt like taking a break from my hectic financial career in order to focus on developing some of my other talents and […]

Spotlight on Tiziana Krause-Jackson by Susannah Grant

  This month the spotlight falls on former lawyer, European literature teacher, translator and multi-lingual Italian grandmother, Tiziana Krause-Jackson, who has lived and relished the Arts in Madrid and bicycling at her summer house in Denia for the past 20 years. You married your British husband, a retired Diplomat after having only spent 23 days […]

Spotlight on Anne Pinder by Susannah Grant

    This month we delve into the life of long term Madrid resident, former INC Board Member and tour guide extraordinaire, Anne Pinder who originally hails from Iowa. How did you get into the tour guiding and walking business?  I originally started by organizing walking and biking trips for a large group of Spanish friends almost […]

Spotlight on Callie Stewart by Susannah Grant

British physiotherapist, Happy Loro, mother and grandmother of 3 and longstanding INC member, Callie Stewart, tells us about her superfood plantations in Paraguay and the secret to an enriching, long and happy life in Madrid.  1.       When did your overseas adventures start? When I was 25 my father banished me to Canada l as I […]