“Why do women look so attractive dressed in the “Traje de Flamenca”? Part 2 – by María Aragón

  Shoes are also very important. The Flamenca dress is always accompanied by high-heeled shoes, in keeping with the very feminine spirit of the dress, since a high heel always flatters the figure. No matter whether it measures 2 cm or 10 cm, every woman knows what she’s used to wearing, and how long she […]

“Why do women look so attractive dressed in the “Traje de Flamenca”? Part 1 – by María Aragón

Because these dresses, typical of Andalucia, are specially made to highlight the best of the female body. And I’m not talking from a “machista” point of view, in fact just the opposite. Women dressed “de Flamenca” are admired for the beauty of the whole outfit, by both women and men, but mainly by women, who […]

Athens…By Kirsty Leggatt

At the risk of sounding like a travel guide!! This week I’d like to write a little bit about Athens. I’ve been out of Spain for the last two weeks so I feel compelled to write about where I have been! I know I’ve written about this before, but I thought I’d touch a little […]

A Rocky Adventure – by Kelly Pietrangeli

A Rocky Adventure Kelly Pietrangeli takes her family on a great weekend outing in La Pedriza on the Guadarrama Mountain Range Looking for an outdoorsy day trip just outside of Madrid? Already done all of the usual haunts and feeling a bit Royal Palace’d out? La Pedriza is an amazing setting for a walking adventure. […]