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by Patty Ryan posted on 27 November 2013

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Here is a new way for very busy ladies to learn Spanish a service offered by our new member Laura Ordonez

Sit back and enjoy a new way to learn Spanish !!

If you want to hang out with locals, learn about Spanish culture or be able to read Spanish literature in it’s original language, you really need to speak Spanish. SpanishviaSkype (www.spanishviaskype.com) wants to help you with its Spanish classes via Skype (free software that allows video-calls), courses that they launch onto the market a year ago. Our classes are extremely challenging, convenient, effective and fun!

This methodology is easy going and very effective. Easy going because students just need a computer with webcam and broadband Internet connection and a Skype account (free). It’s also effective because the courses are tailor-made, one to one; students can chat online with their teacher, allowing them to visualize the new words and expressions used in class and they can get in contact with their native Spanish teachers by email to ask for any language questions whenever needed.

By breaking the “time-space barriers” of the traditional classroom, students don´t waste time travelling; they can learn from the comfort of their own home or anywhere else they choose and the class times are flexible for their convenience, and adapted to suit their life style. SpanishviaSkype offers a first free trial class (20 minutes) and extra material and consolidation activities for after the class.

Spanish is the second most-widely spoken language as a mother tongue in the World -after Mandarin and before English- that nearly 500 million people make use of to communicate and is the official language in 21 countries. More than 52 million people already speak it in the United States, which will have the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world by 2050. In Europe (not counting Spain) nearly 30 million people speak Spanish and in Asia the number of Spanish speakers is growing very fast (nearly 5.000 students learn it in the Cervantes Institute in Beijing, China).

If you are interested in our classes, send me an email: laura@spanishviaskype.com I’ll be pleased to help you. ¡Hasta la vista!

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