Dear INC ladies,

The festive holiday season has arrived to Madrid. This has also been evident in INC during the past month with the holiday market, festive fiesta, craft workshops, baking, walks to enjoy the sparkling decorations and get-togethers in addition to our more regular events like area coffee mornings and museum visits.

Some years ago a Swedish author, Stefan Einhorn, wrote “The art of being kind” with an idea to reclaim kindness as a truly positive behaviour. His definition of kindness is “Being kind in a genuine and positive way truly is an art, and it is an art that can be learned.” He further writes that kindness is a way to success.

In INC, I see and experience kindness on a daily basis; a seasoned member welcomes a new member to the chat, someone offers a ride in the car, one can recommend a doctor, and another lady hugs someone they have just met- because the recipient looked as if she could do with a hug. For me, these are all random acts of kindness, done just like that! Not because you had to do it, but because it is part of who you are. Thank YOU for your kindness.

At the rooftop event in September- our first event of the season- we asked if someone had skills or events that they would like to propose to INC. Woooh! We got completely overwhelmed (in a positive way) with all of your responses. So far this year we have offered workshops (crafts and personal growth), walks, hunts and bike tours, baking, book clubs, guided museum visits and more in collaboration with our members. On behalf of the board I would like to extend our thanks to the following members for your support during the fall: Saule S, Alexandra W, Dolores G, Susan C, Lyndall B, Maria E, Tiziana K J, Angela D, Titane dV, Susannah G, Rosanna, Barbara Sc (ACM hostess), Irlanda and Carmen (bookclubs), Brigitte dC, Isotta P, Titane dV, Vicky H, Barbara dS, Helen L, Elaine S, Joan E, Concha C, Helena L, Eugene S and Shalini (events). Thanks to your generosity and kindness the calendar is buzzing and diverse. However, none of these activities would be fun without participants so thanks to all of you for joining. It makes all the planning worthwhile!

I would also like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our board members whose energy, imagination and care is impressive. You are all sparkling, not only during this season but throughout the year.

Kindness is, just like Covid, contagious but with that the similarities stop. In our lives, where Covid is present everywhere, I am proud to be part of an organisation that is spreading kindness-to counter balance the challenging times that we are all living through. Few things make me as happy as when our (new) members comment on the kind and inclusive atmosphere in INC.

What are your thoughts on new year resolutions? A hit or a miss? On a personal level I am hesitant, but for INC we are going all in with our promises. We wish for more entrepreneurs/skilled members to be present on our webpage and we are initiating ”meet the artist” and ”INC members who volunteer” with an aim to make it even easier for our members to meet, help and communicate with each other. And we will of course be back with more events in collaboration with our members-pop concerts, dance, painting and more will be on the agenda. So stay tuned for 2022!

With 2021 slowly coming to an end there is also time for reflection. While this is a festive season for many, it is also a time of the year when many feel more lonely than normal. Some have lost dear friends or family members this year and we may not be able to visit families this year either. Kindness is not only contagious, but it is also for free. Maybe this is the time to reach out to someone we haven’t been in touch with for a while? It oftentimes mean more than we can imagine.

Today we are hosting our final lunch bunch for 2021 and in early January we will meet up again. Until then our chat groups and social media are up and running so continue to share and connect. We are always equally happy to hear from you.

To wrap up where I started, I would agree with Stefan Einhorn that kindness is a way to success. In INC we are kind and when we work together, INC works well!

With gratitude to all of you, and hopes for a healthy and happy 2022.

Warm regards,
December 21, 2021

President's Letter

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