Dear INC members.

Welcome to International Newcomers Club Madrid 2021-22.

At this time of the year, we would like to give those of you who are new to Madrid, and INC, a warm welcome. We will do our utmost to make Madrid a place where you feel at home-through our in person events that are starting to show up on the calendar and through our various communication and information channels. And to our returning members who are back-you rock! We can’t wait to see you again!

For many of us, this time of the year means transition; some have children who are about to start (pre) school for the first time, some parents will see their children leave home and others are new to Madrid and will attempt to find their way around town. Some will embrace the silver foxes and stop colouring their hair, while others have finally decided to take up a hobby that they have dreamt of doing. Regardless, transitions may be uplifting, daunting, challenging, or filled with mixed emotions. Are you maybe experiencing any transition at the moment and how does it make you feel?

After an unusual past season, we are transitioning back to some good old INC events. Once again, various members will host our Area Coffee Mornings and the Monthly Meetings will provide us with inspiration and time to socialize. The first Monthly Meeting will offer great views and the best company at an eclectic rooftop terrace in the centre of Madrid. I do hope that this sounds as appealing to you as it does to me! Over the past year, your health and safety have always been a top priority. We will continue to adhere to the local COVID recommendations at all times and will, if needed, amend our plans accordingly. We ask everyone to be considerate throughout the year and only attend events if you feel fit and healthy.

We are also transitioning into our updated INC web page. While many of us have enjoyed a slower pace during the summer, some busy bees, namely Victoria, Lena, and Loreto have been updating the web page, bringing us straight into the future. Check out the vibrant, fresh look at where you can find information about the club, RSVP to events, read blogs, renew your membership and more. To learn more about the updates and how to reset passwords, please check out a tutorial that Lena has recorded for us at

As always, our community-you as an INC member is our strength and biggest asset to the club. Do you have a favourite local restaurant, a store that should not be missed, an exhibition that you have just been to, or anything else that you would like to recommend? Please drop a line to Alexandra (, so we can share your recommendations in the Enews.

Thanks to everyone who generously shared their summer memories with us! It was thoroughly enjoyable to have breakfast in Portugal, sail around Mallorca, walk on the beach in Denmark and dine in Croatia, only to wake up in a new location the following day-all from our own sofas.

Finally, we want to make sure that everyone feels welcome to join in any of the INC events. If you know anyone new to Madrid, looking to get involved in a social club, or just wanting to learn more about Madrid, please bring her/him along to one of our events!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Warm regards,
September 6, 2021

President's Letter

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