Dear INC members.

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome all of you to INC Madrid.

INC Madrid is like a bag full of candy-but without any adverse health effects! We
have returning members, new members, members who have decided to come back, and members who remain a part of our community despite living around the globe. A warm welcome to each of you!

In the INC goodie bag, there is also curiosity, friendship, inclusion, kindness, grit, energy, compassion, laughter, generosity, youth mixed with wisdom, some tears and fun. In addition to that, the bag contains culture, books, exercise, excursions, walks,
dance, music, museums, art, parks, lunches, wine, wellbeing, food, workshops,
parties, and more. There is room for other goodies to be added as well, so if you have anything that you would like to bring along-please do so by being just yourself and by offering or suggesting an event for INC. We treasure that each of us has something unique to offer!

What were you doing 35 years ago?
Some of our members were not even born, others were excited about their first kiss, some of us were heartbroken and some had just landed their dream job. For some, life as an expat had taken them to a new place, and others were dreaming about retirement. In Madrid, a number of women got together and paved the way for what we today enjoy as INC Madrid and we are fortunate to still have some of these amazing women as our members.

During these 35 years, we have had a great deal of fun and made lifelong friends along
the way. While the backbone of INC remains the same, we will continue moving forward. The board had its first official board meeting this week to set the agenda for the coming year. We will continue to offer familiar activities and special events, but will also spice it up with new or reborn events and happenings.

To find out what INC has planned for you, please read the eNews (our newsletter) on Monday mornings and check the calendar on our webpage We invite our entrepreneurs to advertise in eNews and as our member you can enjoy using the chat groups to ask for recommendations, seek information and share good experiences.

As per traditions, we will kick off the events next week with all the areas having their first coffee mornings, and after that our first monthly meeting with a cava brunch is just around the corner. If you are new to INC and Madrid, you may feel both excited and overwhelmed. Please know that either a board member or any other seasoned member will be there to greet you at any event, so sign up and come along to enjoy our community.

As a community, we want to make sure that everyone who would potentially enjoy being an INC member knows about us. Please spread the word and your experience with us. We are happily welcoming new members throughout the year. As always, thanks for being our best ambassadors for INC Madrid.

Those of you who have been members for a while know that we never seize an
opportunity to celebrate. Since it is the 35th Anniversary of INC Madrid we have already made several plans to commemorate our time together.
Get ready–we will bring the 80s back to you!

On behalf of the entire board: Welcome!

With love,
September 9, 2022

President's Letter

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