3 June 2019


June : Paella Luncheon in Felicia's garden

After a fantastic year, one of the best ways to finish it, is to join us at the Paella Luncheon, which will be held in Felicia's garden.
Every year for the June Monthly Meeting, our Honorary President has been so kind to offer us her lovely garden.
Delicious paellas will be prepared on the premises and we are planning a few surprises for you.
If you want to do some shopping,the vendors will be there showing off their talents and selling their products. You will be able to buy some special gifts.
This is the time of the year when we say farewell to some of our friends and wishing a good summer and a happy return to those, who are staying.
Grab your hat and sun cream and get all prepared for a wonderful day, together with friends and making special memories!!!!

ATTENTION: This is also the time to take the opportunity to RENEW your membership with the "EARLY BIRD" sign up at the Paella Luncheon. More info will follow.

When: Tuesday, June 11th at 11.00 am ( in case of rain, it will be on Wednesday,12th)

Where: Felicia's garden in Las Matas.
directions and full address will be given, once signed up.

Bus: with the RSVP, you can chose to go by bus if you want to.
Meeting point : Estadio Santiago Bernabeu at 10.15 am ( bus from Grupo Ruiz)
Bus fee: 12 euros to be paid to the busmum in the bus.
Return time to Madrid: 14.30 - 15.00 o'clock.

Click here to RSVP: Members: free
Guests: 25 euros
If you are a member, and have a business that you wish to promote, maybe you would like to participate as a vendor at our traditional paella lunch?
If you are interested, please send you request together with your contact data and some photos of the goods you wish to put on display at incvendors@titane-faitmain.com before the 3rd of June.

Summer Luncheon or Coffee

If you will be here in July and/or August and would like to meet up in a public space for either a luncheon or a coffee, let me know. Last year a few of us met in August I think it was for a lunch at La Residencia de Estudiantes. Please email with your interest, subject heading 2019 INC luncheon, telling me when you will be around and what your preferences for days, times and lunch or coffee would be and I will then coordinate it. MargieWrite to: margiekanter@gmail.com

Public swimming pools in Madrid

The weather is getting warmer, nights are getting longer. Time to go swimming!

Here is a link of public swimming pools in Madrid
swimming pools
masia by night (4)


My mother is vexed. Without so much as a palabra of Spanish herself, she has lost 3 of her 4 children to the charms of the Iberian Peninsula. My younger sister enjoys Madrid´s artistic scene to the full as an actor´s agent whilst my brother has become one of Europe´s most remote hoteliers. Read on to find out how the Iron Lady is helping to promote rural tourism in one of Spain’s most eye-catching regions: Teruel.


Winding Up the INC Year Wine and Tapas!!

Come and enjoy our final Wine and Tapas evening for this season ! Bring your spouse, significant other along with a bottle of wine (min 10 Euros) and tapas for twelve.
It is going to be a great evening, so sign up by emailing Eleanor Pojer at eleanorpojer@msn.com. As always, space is limited …. don’t miss out!
In Eleanor´s Garden: 15 June starting at 8:30 PM– location upon RSVP
Moving Sale.1
Moving Sale.2

But wait, there's more...INC Area Coffees

Looking for a Chance to connect with INC Members near you. Our monthly rotating member-hosted coffees are a great place to make friends and meet familiar faces from your area.


happy birthday

Who is celebrating a birthday this month?

June Birthdays

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June 1
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June 4
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June 7
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June 12
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June 15
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June 15
Melanie Pomford
June 17
Aurora Atienza
June 17
Nina Valdes
June 21
Alvina Ubeda
June 22
Gabrielle Thil
June 26
Maria Eisenbraun
June 30

Just a friendly reminder...

Please remember that though we all love to spend time with one another, our emails and personal information are our own. As members of INC, we have access to the directory to get in touch with new friends and new possibilities, however, please do not share this information without consent, nor send bulk emails. We want our members to be feel completely at ease when sharing their information and we thank you all, in advance, for the consideration.
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