Atenas Terrace in Madrid by Heather Taylor

by Susannah Grant posted on 21 September 2016


Looking to enjoy the beautiful September nights?  I have been slowly working my way through the Madrid Terraces.  The Atenas Terrace ( is not on a rooftop but hidden in a park, still giving you a bit of a break from the city.

Located at:

Calle Segovia s/n

Parque Atenas, frente a la Riviera

28005 Madrid

The terrace is open from 11:00 in the morning till 2:30am, so it is the perfect place to stop and grab lunch, tapas, or a cocktail with friends.  Cute decoration with pools of water that you can soak your feet in.  For seating there are high tables, low tables and a kind of bleacher area (I highly recommend you don’t wear short, tight skirts as I saw several ladies struggling to be comfortable in the bleacher area).  We did not have a reservation and were still able to get a table, seems to be a more transient crowd coming and going throughout the night.

Enjoy it while the nights permit – kick back and listen to the D.J. and have a gin & tonic!  Maybe I will see you there!

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