Barbara Scalera – Success Hypno Coach

by Susannah Grant posted on 4 March 2020

Barbara Scalera Success Hypno Coach

Barbara Scalera, The Success Hypno Coach talks to us about what it takes to override our subconscious to achieve our own personal or business goals.

What is it exactly that you do?

I am a fully accredited hypnotherapist and practitioner who helps people overcome their limiting beliefs, doubts and fears and then I coach them through the pathway to success in their business and personal lives so that they can have or achieve what they want.

Why do people have hang-ups about money and earning it?

Our beliefs about money and our ability to earn it, grow it, save it and enjoy it are formed in our subconscious by the time we are 10 years old. We then tend to live according to those beliefs as adults. So if you were taught “money doesn’t bring happiness” or that “money is limited” your subconscious will rule your actions to prevent you from acquiring the wealth you consciously would like to have. If you do end up having access to significant wealth through your partner or your own salary you may still overspend it, horde it or sabotage it unless you use tools like hypnosis that work at the subconscious level to rewrite your belief system.

One of Barbara´s positive mantras

Do you see any nationality stereotypes emerging in your field?

In the US having a ‘shrink’ can actually be seen as a status symbol and is universally accepted. In Britain and Ireland the ‘stiff upper lip’ culture prevails so people talk less openly about feelings. As one of my good friends from Dublin said to me at the start of my coaching career, ‘but Barbara, that’s what the pub is for!’

In Spain other cultural factors come into play and I´ve noticed that Spanish men are sometimes reticent to express emotion and tears in front of a woman.

Tell us about some of the funniest reactions clients have had to hypnosis.

I always have to laugh when I tell someone what I do and they immediately stop making eye contact as if I’m going to turn them into a chicken on the spot! People often ask if I can make them levitate – as a Harry Potter fan I have been tempted to get a wand to pull out and confidently exclaim ‘Wingardium Leviosa!’ but I don’t think it would be good for business.

Barbara takes the stage

What sort of challenges does the overseas experience present for your expat clients?

The expat experience can really trigger underlying negative beliefs as newcomers navigate through the challenges of fitting in socially, linguistically and culturally to their new environment. Every day can feel like the first day of school all over again. In addition, overseas entrepreneurs can often struggle to promote their services boldly and charge their worth abroad.  Lack of inner confidence is a recurring theme in many expat scenarios and it´s wonderful to see clients shift from conflicted to comfortable, not just in their new home but in their own skin, regardless of where life takes them. 

What characteristics would you say are helpful in your field?

A balance of empathy and no-nonsense honesty. As opposed to sympathy, which is available on tap for free from your friends, I teach my clients that  whilst they are responsible for creating their reality, they are not ‘to blame’ for their situation – their subconscious mind is simply acting exactly how it’s designed to act, to protect them from what the subconscious thinks is unsafe based on their childhood experiences and beliefs.

Where do you see you and your business in 10 years?

 I will be creating additional online programmes, taking advantage of virtual reality to bring to life clients´ aspirations and implementing hypnosis techniques in the workplace to increase morale and performance.

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