• Face to Face with Edith Chan

    by Susannah Grant posted on 22 September 2022

    In May we enjoyed a fascinating peak into the world of fashion and how to maximise our appearance with what suits us and how to...
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  • Your Baan or Mine?

    by Susannah Grant posted on 20 May 2022

    Piquant food and exquisite cocktails are always a winning formula for my seasoned palate. So I´ve found myself being lured by promises of Penang curry...
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  • Spotlight on Jo Ball

    by Susannah Grant posted on 22 April 2022

    Today Susannah talks to fellow Brit, Occupational Therapist, former valet parking assistant to the stars, business woman, teacher, flower arranger, charity volunteer and intrepid sailor,...
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  • Spotlight on Rocío Alférez

    by Susannah Grant posted on 10 March 2022

    Madrileña, Mother, former Marketeer with a Masters in International Trading turned Mentor and Coach, Caterer, Flower arranger, Teacher of business skills and Spanish and ever-enthusiastic...
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  • Spotlight on Susannah Grant

    by Susannah Grant posted on 25 February 2022

    This month INC´s Blog Editor talks to herself (ooops - must be going mad) about bullseye spitting, teaching Scottish dancing to Spaniards, royal lingerie and...
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  • Spotlight on Amanda López-Moleón

    by Susannah Grant posted on 27 January 2022

    Hang on to your seats as we whirl through the multi-faceted life of business angel, film producer, movie buff, property guru, Three-time Jamaican president of...
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