• Spotlight on Inge Drenthen

    by Susannah Grant posted on 13 September 2023

    This month we talk to Dutch-born, former transport agent, flamenco and yoga teacher with a flair for belly dancing and fine food: Inge Drenthen. What...
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  • Oh My Cod – Postcard from Portugal

    by Susannah Grant posted on 8 June 2023

    The holidays are almost upon us….which means Madrid´s Saharan temperatures are about to sizzle our pavements. Time to leave the city. One summer destination only...
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  • Breakfast Diversity

    by Susannah Grant posted on 19 May 2023

    I can and have eaten snake´s blood for lunch and worms for dinner but breakfast is sacred. On a weekend, ideally it would include lashings...
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  • Spotlight on Margarita Gokun Silver

    by Susannah Grant posted on 27 April 2023

    This week Susannah talks to Moscow-born, American national: Margarita Gokun Silver, formerly a public health consultant in Uzbekistan and later a cross-cultural coach from Athens...
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  • Susannah goes to Mars

    by Susannah Grant posted on 29 March 2023

    When I first landed on these shores at the end of the 1980s it was very difficult to find any snacks on the street, especially...
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  • Spotlight on Giselle Rouvier

    by Susannah Grant posted on 9 March 2023

    This week Susannah delves into the diverse life of INC´s Rio de Janeiro-born Social Media Editor; former architect; designer; marketeer; childhood ballerina and now mother...
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