Jimena Ibarra – Spanish for expats

Learn Spanish through Storytelling! I help expats speak Spanish through storytelling and comprehensible input, enabling you to learn and express yourself effectively… all in Spanish. Please contact Jimena at info@jimenaibarra.com or 605219818.

Titane Fait Main

Passion for Crafts and Arts: join me for regular classes or “Creative Fridays” . Learn new skills & spend quality time with friends in the peaceful atmosphere of my beautiful workshop. Available techniques include: Bookbinding, Lampshades, Porcelain Painting, Fabric Painting. Please contact Titane at titane@titane-faitmain.com or 696938404

Fait Main

Spain & Ro

Live as a Spaniard for some weeks and fall in love with the country and its people. Life and language deep immersion programmes in Madrid. Please contact Rocio at spainandro@gmail.com or +34628809910

Spain & Ro