Staying safe, supported and sane!

October 30th, 2020 by

We are living in crazy times. Once in control of our destinies, we are now governed by ever-changing rules and regulations, some we understand, others that just boggle our minds and frustrate us.

However, one thing is for sure, despite not being able to attend events in the same way as before, the INC community has provided a welcoming network either digitally or safe, small group meet-ups in which we have shared feelings, vented emotions, roared with laughter and consumed more than the odd glass of wine or cup of coffee.  Members from all over Greater Madrid have provided a welcome antidote to the uncertainty and tedium as Covid 19 drags on and as a club we continue to experience a restorative boost to carry on one day at a time as a tight-knit caring community. So until further notice, we will have to put on a brave face, adorn it with our most fashionable mask, respect all the regulations and keep calm and carry on.

Guidelines for in-Person Events

 Our get-together used to be as warm and enjoyable as our Paella days and luncheons. As long as we are permitted we can still enjoy some safely-managed in-person events. 

 – If you or someone with whom you share a household or social bubble is not feeling well or suspect may have been exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and you may always virtually join the event if it will be live streamed.

– Area contacts or members coordinating any event will adhere to health and safety protocols set by the local authorities in Madrid.

– In accordance with all safety protocols, please arrive at any event with your mask on and adhere to physical distancing measures ( at least 2 meters). Hand sanitisers could be provided at some events, but it’s best to remember to bring yours.

– Waves and Namaste are wonderful ways to greet each other at distance!

– Further details on protocol will be shared in each individual event RSVP details on the website. Please take these into account when determining whether or not to attend the event. It’s expected that those protocols will be followed for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.

– Due to the current fluid environment, circumstances may change and an event may be cancelled or changed to a virtual setting. We ask for your understanding should that occur. 

Stay at Home ? Quédate en casa

April 6th, 2020 by