Edinburgh By Kirsty Leggatt

by Susannah Grant posted on 18 May 2017

Recently we took an extra long weekend to visit Edinburgh. This is a truly beautiful city with loads of fabulous architecture, history, gardens and interesting sites.

The ‘hop on hop off’ bus gives a great perspective of the city whilst offering a convenient way to get around and visit the sites. There are also a number of other different tour options available or you can combine all of them into one to give you the full on Edinburgh experience.

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, Royal Botanic Gardens and St Giles’ Cathedral are just a few of the magnificent tour experiences that Edinburgh has to offer.

I’m a self-confessed lover of all things morbidly curious so we had to visit the Edinburgh Dungeon and I LOVED this tour! This isn’t just a basic tour of a torture chamber but a full on dungeon experience complete with audience participation. As often seems to happen with me, I got called out of the crowd. I was tried as a witch in the local courthouse, taken to the next chamber where I was then marked as a witch, jeered at by the crowd and locked in a cage – hilarious! We got a complete story (acted out) of various morbid local legends as we wandered the dark and mysterious passageways of the dungeon. Be prepared, as there a number of heart stoppers on this tour. There are also a few interesting surprises which I won’t mention here so as not to ruin the experience. A definite must do if you’re into the less pleasant side of medieval life!

We also did a Ghost Tour. There are many different forms of these tours on offer and we opted for a walking tour. Again, I really enjoyed it. The guide was lively and informative. The tour took us down some of the most famous streets of Edinburgh, the local graveyard and finished in the underground tunnels found below the city streets.

I, of course, have to mention the food!! We found a local cafe where we ordered bacon and egg rolls each morning and by the way we carried on, one would have thought we were in a five-star restaurant – there’s just nothing like the simple things in life. We also enjoyed pies, fish and chips, scotch eggs, soup and we even tried haggis. The local pubs and restaurants offer a delicious selection of traditional food to be enjoyed in a lively and authentic environment.

An amazing city with an abundance of beauty, history and fabulous things to do and see!!

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