Monthly Meeting: Paella

Starts: June 9, 2021 at 10:30 am
Ends: June 9, 2021 at 2:30 pm

WHERE : Avenida de las Encinas, 27 Ciudalcampo, 28707 Madrid


PRICE GUEST : 25 euros

RSVP BY: 6 June

We are pleased to invite you to our last Monthly Meeting for this season, our famous Grand Paella Day! As we recall the amazing Paella days we got to enjoy at Felicia’s gorgeous garden, we look forward to throwing a memorable day that will take us back to pre-pandemic times.

In a full outdoor setting, we will spend a significantly longer monthly meeting where we will indulge in a typical Paella Valenciana while being able to watch the chefs do their wonders cooking the dish at a giant scale. We will also be entertained to a swimming suit fashion show around the pool, a Spanish cultural music performance and a fun-full raffle with some mind-blowing prizes including a whopping €2000 special prize!

As always, safety measures and COVID precautions are respected throughout the event. Please scroll down for our In-person meetings guidelines.

Bus service, from Madrid to the venue and the way back, will be available for members.

INC will subsidize the bus fee for our members. The cost will be communicated through area contacts. You can reserve your bus seat by paying the fee online to INC website starting from May 24th. Details on pickup point and time will follow in the next ENews.

Members are welcome to bring in a max of 2 guests at the cost of €25/person

Dress Code:

Casual, comfy footwear. Hats and sunblock creams are highly recommended.


Tickets will be sold in-person on the Paella day from 10:30-11:00. It’s therefore highly recommended to arrive early to allow enough time for ticket purchase and to avoid any congestion. If you want to buy tickets, but will not be coming to the meeting, please contact your area coordinator to arrange for your ticket purchase.

Tickets Prices:

1 ticket for €5

2 tickets for €8

3 tickets for €10

4 tickets for €12

5 tickets for €14

10 tickets for €20

Take this opportunity to renew your membership with the ¨Early Bird¨ membership at the Paella Luncheon. The ¨Early Bird¨ membership starts from June 1st to June 30th. You can save and secure your membership till September 2022.

We only accept the following payment methods:

1. Cash at the Paella Meeting. Please bring exact change.
2. Bank transfer or cash deposit to IBAN ES26203818523260008219633. PayPal, online with the INC PayPal Account (service charges apply)
We do not accept payments at any other INC events.
Members: 80 euros instead of 85
Seniors: 65
If you are  moving away and you want to keep in touch and know what is going on with INC join¨Members at Large¨. 20 Euros

Although you can renew your membership by cash payment on Paella Day, it’s highly recommended to pay online thru bank transfer or PayPal.


If you have not re-joined by September 30th, 2021, your membership will be canceled. Due to data protection for all of our members, we will not be keeping any info after this date.