MM November: Shopping and Christmas stories

Starts: November 19, 2019 at 11:00 am
Ends: November 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm

WHERE : ESPACIO MUELLE 36, calle Hilarión Eslava, 36 bajo derecha, 28015 Madrid

BUS : 1, 573, 61

METRO : Moncloa                                                                 

PARKING : Galaxia, Maravillas


PRICE GUEST : 20 euros

RSVP BY: RSVP is now closed for this event!

Christmas is coming soon and our next Monthly Meeting will be about celebration.

We will hold our traditional holiday shopping with a selection of the best vendors from inside and outside the club. We will showcase: jewels, bags, ceramics, cookies, wooden gifts, paintings, cosmetics, bookbinding, antiques, Christmas decoration etc.

We are very excited to announce that Doña Maribel Ortiz, Vizcondesa de Garcí-Grande, will honor us with her presence and delight us with the story of how  they used to celebrate Christmas in Spain in her family as ” Grande de España”.

This Monthly Meeting  will take place in a centrical venue, with a very special and interesting mixture of old and modern industrial design.  We will have our traditional coffee break as usual

If you would like to discover what some of our INC vendors will show on this event, visit their Instagram, Facebook or web to have a hint beforehand.

Instagram: @b_h_e_l_l
Facebook: parenthesismadera
Instagram: @lisifracchia
Instagram: @loretosaura
Facebook:  rustikasoaps
Instagram: @dulceluru
Instagram: @nikarit_karite
Instagram: @teresaentretejidos
Instagram: @titanefaitmain
Instagram: @vinosaturnino
Facebook: cbarbi


We look forward to seeing you all there!!!

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