Face to face with Begoña Slocker, graphologist

by Susannah Grant posted on 4 May 2022

This month we delve into the fascinating world of graphology as accomplished graphologist, Begoña Slocker talks to us about the traits our handwriting can reveal and how to best apply this science in both professional and personal spheres.  

What prompted you to embark on a career as a graphologist?

Graphology has always been part of my life since I was born in 1954 as my father was a member of the Societé de Graphologie in Paris. When my own children grew older I started studying it as a hobby really, never to imagine that I´d actually make a living from it as I do today.

What is it about writing that determines someone´s character?

Handwriting, at the end of the day, is very much an expression of our feelings, just as when we´re happy we walk with our head up and back straight. Our writing is the same, it goes up or down according to our mood. There are hundreds of features that you can analyse once you´ve mastered the science of graphology over a long period of time.

How do companies use a graphologist in their recruitment process?

A graphological analysis looks at personality traits in three sections:

Intellectual qualities, willingness and behaviour.

The candidate writes 15 lines only and his or her signature from which a report is written. There are many detectable characteristics such as their professional competency in terms of quality and quantity of their output, as well as their capacity to adapt, honesty, if they lie or steal, if they´re well-balanced individuals or have conflictive personalities amongst many other features.

The graphologist also helps to determine the suitability of a particular role for each candidate based on their respective personality. Graphology is a very useful asset that can be put to good use in tandem with the Human Resources department.

The team at work at Centro Slocker

What does a graphologist contribute to the police force?

Well, on the surface not much but I have just had a case of a man who tragically fell from a bridge whilst on a trip. The insurance Company claimed that he must have committed suicide, contrary to what the deceased’s family stated. I carried out a study of his handwriting taken from the day before the accident and I was able to demonstrate that there was no evidence of depression, instability or sadness which, if present, would all have been very easy to spot. This was a person full of zest for life so it would have been impossible for him to have purposefully harmed himself.

However, aside from that exception, graphology is not admitted in court cases. This is Handwriting Expertise which studies the authenticity of writing, signatures and falsified documents. I do get involved quite frequently in this sphere as unfortunately there are so many scams and the victims need professionals to defend them.

Slocker is at one of her many speaking engagements

Can someone hide their true self by changing their handwriting?

During the first few lines it´s possible to try to falsify one´s handwriting but this is very difficult to keep up as the brain is very swift to forget a newly-acquired writing feature or style.

When we write text, at the beginning we strive to preserve neat handwriting but from the fourth line onwards we are less concerned with neatness and our own individual features come to the fore.

Where it is most difficult to copy is the signature, the most important part of any text. One´s signature is where our real SELF comes out and it belies our true personality. I never analyse a text without a signature.

The truth will out

What skills do you think you need in order to be a graphologist?

The first one is preparation, in order to be a really good graphologist you really have to study very hard, practise your skills and be very honest by really only stating what you actually see in the handwriting features themselves as opposed to embellishing the evidence with supposition in an effort to provide more information than there actually is.

A good graphologist should not have any prior information on the person they are analysing until afterwards.

It´s also key to use the skill in a positive way by highlighting a person´s attributes as opposed to using it as a weapon against them.

Tell us how you used the science of graphology to branch out into other areas.

I have been collaborating on one day Women and Leadership courses whereby they learn to get to know themselves better. I have found this work very enriching.

Slocker´s skills are snapped up by international brands

Tell us about the work you do for Montblanc pens

I work in events whereby I undertake graphological analysis on site for customers and I am also offering that service in Las Rozas Village which is a very rewarding new string to my bow.

Slocker and daughter with Orn at a recent INC event

What interesting anecdotes can you tell us relating to your work?

A customer sent me a letter from his girlfriend in order for me to gauge their compatibility as they were a week away from their wedding and I told him that up until the last minute he could say no.

Understandably he refused to have any further contact with me. Eight months later they got divorced and he wrote to say that I´d been right all along and that “you are an excellent graphologist so I´m going to continue to hire your services”.

On a separate occasion, I warned a company that a particular candidate was someone who wanted to get ahead by dubious means, they hired them anyway and two years later the candidate switched over to a competitor as a director taking all the information they had acquired. 

Slocker with well-known writer, Antonio Gala

Which lesson has been the hardest to learn?

That people are neither good nor bad; we all have a palette of shades in which we can find the best version of each and every one of us.

Always at the helm

What hobbies/interests do you have aside from work?

I love photography, sailing and reading.

Begoña Slocker – CEO

Centro Slocker

Calle Gaudí 10

Boadilla del Monte, Madrid 28660

Tel 673 930 675

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