Feng Shui in your home… By Leonor Estrada

by Susannah Grant posted on 25 May 2016

The first question would be: how does your house feel? Since our home is the space where our physical cycles take place, it is very important that this place contains all those elements needed to help our body to react in a certain way.

Feng Shui Tortoise

It is pretty common that most of us have our favorite spot at home and there is one where rarely spend time, or where we actually refuse to spend time. Introducing Feng Shui to our home we can find out where there are strengths and where there are challenges, and from that point we can figure the best way to use our whole house and actually get benefits from it. 

When our brain produces serotonin we get well being feelings.

Feng shui help us to use colors and items that help our brain to produce this hormone.

What is the right color for my house?

To know what is the best color to use in a house, we need first to understand what is going on, and recognize the energy quality in each sector, and this is what feng shui does: using mathematical formulas it analyzes invisible forces around us and provides us a range of information about areas that need to be reinforced or mitigated, in order to restore the balance that all human beings need.

Another hormone that is really needed to enhance our health is melatonin, the sleep hormone. It is well known that many of our organs and their cycles are restored while we are sleeping deeply. To accomplish their function during the day, we need to sleep in complete darkness so our cells can regenerate and complete their processes.

These days many doctors agree that the root of many illness is lack of sleep, which leads to many disorders such insomnia, anxiety, depression, tiredness, etc.

When we talk about sleeping we always need to check how much light we receive while we are sleeping and how much dirty energy is in our room (EMF)

A healthy home needs also oxytocin

This hormone is related to love and sensuality, which is a really basic feeling in all human. We can not and should not get rid of these kind of feelings, even if we are happy singles, we still need to give this accent to our house, otherwise it will get bored and we will tend to feel blue and without any kind of excitement.

Finally we need to avoid as much as possible to generate cortisol, because this hormone increases sugar level in our blood.

How many illnesses we know are caused because of stress? Our home should be a stress free place, otherwise all those small elements or characteristics that keep our nervous system on alert, will sooner or later affect our health.

Analyzing our surroundings and how its energy can affect us, is a feng shui consultant job.

Feng shui’s objective is to improve human wellbeing through their environment. Having inspiration and motivation to continue pursuing our goals is basic, otherwise we can feel frustrated and give up our dreams, therefore we need to help our brain to produce dopamine, a success hormone to keep us going and enjoy our achievements.




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