How to organise an “Other Activity” event for INC Madrid

  • 1. Identify what activity you would like to organise
  • 2. Work with the location to determine space, cost, date options and logistical questions. If it is your personal business activity, we ask that you give a discount to INC members and suggest a 5- 10% allowance per person.
  • 3. Contact the Activities Coordinator at to determine the date of the event and how to manage the RSVP (e.g. if deadlines are necessary). The Activities Coordinator will also help with advertising and other administrative items. You will provide a summary of the activity to the E-News editor to advertise your event and our e-mail will be included in the E-News article to collect RSVPs.
  • 4. On the day of, be sure to bring the list of people who have signed up and enjoy the activity YOU arranged! Please let the Activities Coordinator know how the event went and if everyone attended.