INC Madrid hosts many events during our season which runs September through June (please check our INC-Calendar). We have monthly General Meetings, where all our members are invited to join us at unique venues for topical presentations about life and culture in Spain.

We’ve hosted wine tastings, attended flamenco shows, had authors speak to us, enjoyed fashion shows, visits cultural institutions, hosted paella lunches and picnics. Our membership is divided into five geographical areas in and around Madrid. In these areas, monthly coffee mornings are held in members’ homes. This is where you make friends in your area and learn about the best salon, a good handyman, dry cleaner, cleaning lady, specialty grocery stores, restaurants etc.

Other activities are scheduled in the areas such as game groups, reading groups, sports and walking groups, inter-cambios, cooking classes, out-to-lunch groups and more. As a member, if you enjoy a hobby that’s not listed, we invite you to start a group.