Life in Madrid – live from the homefront

by Susannah Grant posted on 15 March 2020

Recent world events have given me plenty of food for thought so I shall be sharing a few musings from my own perspective on life this week.

Determined to keep up morale

People react to Government announcements in a myriad different ways. The day before the schools were closed saw thousands of Madrid residents clearing the shelves of toilet paper. This caused much amusement in my daughter´s school as I was at the school gates early requesting the key to the school library to thereby divest the shelves of books for my children. Whilst most people were concerned about food and toiletry shortages, my primary objective was to combat boredom and family cabin fever by ensuring everyone had plenty of books. As opposed to glueing ourselves to a virtual tour of the Uffizi or the Prado, our selection of reading material will transport us to the nether regions of our imaginations where there is endless fun to be had on tap.

Massachusetts Avenue One political thriller set in the British Embassy in Washington DC

Don´t get me wrong….I will still be keeping up with my British TV drama series of an evening but we’ll also be listening to varied podcasts where we can visualise the adventures for ourselves rather than have a screen to do all that for us. I recommend these dramas from BBB Radio 4 where you can listen for free to dramatised broadcasts ranging from James Bond to political thrillers:

I am officially defective when it comes to manual dexterity but fortunately I persuaded my 7 year old daughter to exercise some artistic talent of her own and make her very own diary to document events. Thus granting Mummy some peace and quiet for a two hours.

Thank goodness British package holiday airlines have been turned back mid-air and the Spanish health system on the costas can focus on looking after the sick as opposed to my drunken compatriots roving the streets in search of cheap beer.

Too much cerveza for this Brit

Whilst we hunker down en famille, let us remember to keep in contact with those who live alone…especially our single or widowed friends and other INC members who maybe feeling the lonely effects of self-isolation more acutely than ourselves.

Let me know how you´re getting on. Till next time……

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