Live from the homefront – chariot racing at Easter and other hip adventures

by Susannah Grant posted on 10 April 2020

Susannah Grant bites into a bar of chocolate  whilst sitting at her desk in a wheelchair
Chariot racing whilst eating chocolate

I´m obviously loving this confinement so much that I´ve decided to extend it till mid-June and to restrict myself to the first floor of my house. That can be the only explanation I can give to the absurd accident I had last week whereby I fell down and managed to fracture my hip. There was me, only venturing out to the supermarket once every two weeks to avoid contamination and suddenly I find myself in an ambulance hurtling at top (excruciating) speed to a Corona virus battlefield. Funnily enough, there weren´t many people in the Emergency Dept… The following day I had surgery and increased the metal content of my limbs with 3 screws and was dispatched back to my room only to be discharged, to my great surprise and discomfort, 24 hours later to avoid risk of contamination.

Personally, I can´t recommend a hospital stay right now as an extreme measure to take a break from your kids or spouse….the staff are very stressed, over-worked and God forbid you should need a bedpan first thing in the morning. It was a very sobering experience and made me sympathise enormously for the huge numbers of elderly people in old people´s residences on a long-term basis.

I shall have plenty of time to enjoy “A Gentleman in Moscow”, the New York Times Bestseller by Amor Towles. Hailed as a book to “spark joy” I’ve been assured it´s a fascinating book that features wine and food a lot and recounts the story of a Russian count who finds himself confined to the Hotel Metropol in Moscow. His musings are curiously prophetic as he advocates: “adversity presents itself in many forms, and if a man does not master his circumstances, then he is bound to be mastered by them.” Never truer than now. It´s available on Amazon or downloadable for free on

Photo Treasure hunt

It looks like this self-isolation is going to continue so here are some novel tried and tested indoor games from 2 schoolfriends you too can try at home:

Treasure hunt with close-up photos from around the house and garden –

This comprises hiding photos around the house. Except that you play the game backwards, starting with the prize. For example, a €5 note in dartboard – a small photo of a dartboard number hidden under a radio – a small photo of a radio on/off button hidden under…..and so it goes on. Suits all ages.

Film Festival – everyone makes a mobile phone film which you then show on TV, the one with the highest votes wins a chocolate bunny Oscar.

Cris Barbi, an estate agent with Remax has been crystal ball gazing and predicts that the property market should recover quite quickly once the corona virus issue eases off.  Those vendors in a hurry to sell may decrease slightly their asking price but we had already seen a levelling off of prices in the last quarter of 2019.

There has been a flurry of activity amongst INC members this week, Char has been busy making baby bassinet cars.

Titane has been busy embellishing her summer wardrobe, Barbara Scalera’s dog has been enjoying the spring flowers and Cara has been doing some much needed flute practice with Mozart flute concertos on backing tracks online. Her son has joined her for the odd duet of “Hit the Road Jack” on his saxophone – let´s hope their neighbours are still on speaking terms with the Wilsons after confinement!

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