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by Susannah Grant posted on 13 April 2016

We travelled to Palma, Mallorca last week for an extended weekend. We looked at the flights over Semana Santa and decided that it’s quite a bit cheaper to travel outside of a popular holiday and far less crowded!

The weather was good the majority of the time however on Friday it rained heavily so we kept to the inside tourist sites. A must visit is of course the cathedral in the old town. This is a beautiful building and looks almost surreal, surrounded as it is by palm trees and the Marina.

We did a boat tour around the harbour, which was enjoyable and something a little different. There are quite a few other boat tours to the islands nearby but due to the early season, many of these weren’t running. Also, it was too cold for us to hit the beach or the hotel pool. Some other, more adventurous souls had no such qualms however and were seen sunning themselves by the pool before taking a dip!

Another fabulous day out and a great way to see the island is the Ferrocarril de Soller. This quirky train will take you around scenic Palma then on to Soller where you can enjoy a stroll, a bit of shopping and some lovely little cafes.

There is also a Hope on Hop off Bus but this was disappointing, as we didn’t get to travel on it! We purchased the tickets on Saturday to use on Sunday but the lady who sold them to us neglected to mention that the main streets of Palma would be closed for a marathon!

There is much more to do in Mallorca but our four days had us a little limited. This just means that we must return to do those things that we missed out on this last visit!

Mallorca Marina
Mallorca Marina

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