Member Spotlights by Patty Ryan

by Patty Ryan posted on 28 October 2014

Who are the members of INC Madrid, really?

I was remembering Ashleigh’s Nuevas Amigas newsletter column about members. She had revived an old tradition of the Member Spotlight. She wrote a wonderful article about Yvonne St. Clair. Telling us about Yvonne’s years working at Vogue in London when it first started, her travels, her artwork, and how she and her family came to live in Madrid.

We are always in such a hurry these days, and we can’t possibly attend every event and activity each month, nor can we get to know every member in the Club. This additional category to the Blog will help us get to know each other on a deeper level.

While I was thinking about launching this theme, many people came to me at the October General Meeting saying that members would want to know, and should know, what Emily Murphy does as an Art Advisor, for instance. In the meantime, other members had the same idea, and recently sent me articles about themselves. There is a twist, instead of the Blog editor writing these articles, our members will write about themselves.  We would love to learn more about YOU.

Won’t you tell us about yourself?

The Member Spotlight lives on. Check back here to read future instalments.

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