INC Has Got Talent – Moving and Shaking with Stacy Viva

by Susannah Grant posted on 5 October 2023

This month we talk to California born, real estate guru, yoga teacher, coach, corporate speaker, wellness expert with an MBA and a fearless zest for life: Stacy Viva.

What prompted you to put your belongings into storage and move to a Madrid Airbnb 10 years ago?

I’ve always been great advocate of initiating change in my life as opposed to enduring it. I saw my life, as I still do now, as an adventure and was looking for a challenge. Looking back, I feel that every 10 years I shed my skin; I silence those inner fears and re-invent myself.

Never one to sit on the fence

How did you start your yoga and wellness business?

I literally started giving free yoga classes with weights in the Retiro Park and then moved onto teaching it professionally (I was certified in the US).  Yoga subsequently spring-boarded me into other areas of wellness such as Happiness, Mindset and Movement and I started giving workshops seminars in blue chip companies like Amadeus and Amazon.

Happiness starts with a smile

Tell us about the coaching side of your business

I mainly do group coaching with presentations and it´s very much interactive with lots of questions whereby I help people express themselves. We also focus on being present instead of constantly switching between activities and deluding ourselves that we are multi-tasking.

Stacy embarks on a new career path

Tell us about your recent career move to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) Spain (a Warren Buffett Company)

 I´m drawing on my former real estate experience, this time for US and expats who want to buy or rent in Spain.  I am the first point of contact and very much the go-between facilitator, between these individuals and the BHHS offices and agents in Spain.  I am designing the strategy for Spain which is both exciting and challenging.  I feel so fortunate that they hired me and take on board my suggestions. 

An awe-inspiring octogenarian mother, everyone should have one

How can we live our best life at its midpoint?

Be open-minded!  I met my boyfriend on a train, my best friend in a restroom and my favourite jobs have been the ones that I have created myself. Some people think they’re too old to try new things in their midlife; our biggest enemy are our thoughts. I knocked on my current employer´s door because I saw an opportunity.   The things you go after, you really want, while the things that land in your lap are not really what you thought they were. 

Ever the plucky child (in red)

What have you come to appreciate through your personal and professional life?

The value of time. We don´t have time to fight, waste or worry.

We need to be very selective and make time for the people we really love. Furthermore, I don´t see the point of saving my best bottle of champagne or hottest heels for special occasions. Every day is a special occasion as we never know how long we have!

Putting her best foot forward round Madrid

What does the future hold for Stacy Viva?

I may well have shed my skin yet again in 10 years’ time. I´m certainly not expecting to retire! 

A leap of faith down the next career path

What´s Stacy´s magic mantra?

Wake up with gratitude, walk with an open mind and move your body every day. No days off.

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