INC Market Square

Many of our INC members run their own businesses and enjoy the synergies that INC offers where socialising and friendships at times also turn into exchange of business ideas and even collaborations and new start ups. While INC primarily is a social club, we pride ourselves in promoting new initiatives, regardless of how small or big they may seem to be. Within INC you will for sure find great supporters!. Please contact Marian at should you want to know more about how to network within INC.

  • Oasis

    Therapy, learning, and art by and for members of the international community

    Contact Vivienne Sarobe at 616108013 or

  • Davis Methods for Neurodiversity

    Davis methods empower neurodivergent individuals of all ages with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, ADHD, executive function difficulties or autism by transforming their learning abilities and interactions in a life-changing way. Contact Dolores at or +34637522698

  • Spanish Teacher-Rocio

    Spanish classes - one on one and groups.

    Please reach out to Rocio at or WhatsApp at 628809910

  • Soul to Soul Relationships

    "The art of healing and reopening your heart to love" Gabrielle's mission is to guide women through the depths of feminine and masculine energetics to release fear, doubt, shame, and other barriers that hinder their desire for love. Please contact Gabrielle at or +34 685453597

  • Jimena Ibarra – Spanish for expats

    Learn Spanish through Storytelling! I help expats speak Spanish through storytelling and comprehensible input, enabling you to learn and express yourself effectively... all in Spanish. Please contact Jimena at or 605219818.

  • Giselle Rouvier

    A nurturing Yoga and Breathwork Coach in Madrid. Specializing in women's hormonal health, offering personalized sessions and empowering workshops from Fertility to Menopause.

    For more information, contact Giselle at or +34 682174222

  • Sarika International Limited

    Sarika Brands for Happiness:

    Sarika Sake | Sarika Face Yoga | Sake Beauty Balm

    Please contact Sarika at or +34 658402990

  • Life in the move

    Lifeinthemove is a boutique relocation company. We assist individuals and families settle down in Madrid with housing, school search and paperwork.

    Please contact Julia at or +34 696 841 088


  • Titane Fait Main

    Passion for Crafts and Arts: join me for regular classes or "Creative Fridays" . Learn new skills & spend quality time with friends in the peaceful atmosphere of my beautiful workshop. Available techniques include: Bookbinding, Lampshades, Porcelain Painting, Fabric Painting. Please contact Titane at or 696938404

    Fait Main

  • Spain & Ro

    Live as a Spaniard for some weeks and fall in love with the country and its people. Life and language deep immersion programmes in Madrid. Please contact Rocio at or +34628809910

    Spain & Ro