Perceptions of Modern Art, by Patty Ryan

by Patty Ryan posted on 30 October 2014

In my experience, when speaking with people about art, they are consistently outspoken about modern art more than any other genre;  they either like it, or they don’t. If they don’t care for it, they tend to stay away from modern art exhibits as well. Our October GM, a viewing & tour of the work of Pilar Albarracín, and a tour of the home of Javier Lopez, re-introduced many of us to contemporary art and architecture. I believe people’s perceptions for this genre have changed dramatically.

Be honest, how many of you knew what was in the photos we showed you for our October General Meeting?


I thought they were segments for a large quilt;  my paternal grandmother and great grandmother were quilters. Only a handful of people at the meeting knew what these were before they arrived. As soon as everyone arrived and saw what was hanging on the walls they immediately formed a spectrum of opinions. Then INC member, Emily Murphy, gave us the guided tour and we came to understand more about the purpose of the art and the intentions of the artist.

for GM

These photos show you previously worn (washed) ladies underwear, given to artist from family, friends and friends of friends. They produced many different reactions from our members. As Emily explained, these modern mandalas tell many different stories from several perspectives. The artist also had on display intricate works done in embroidery, completely different from the mass produced panties. Here, the artist had hired two professional embroiderers who could reproduce with threads, what she had designed on paper. Amazing works and completely opposite of what we had seen in the gallery with the underwear. Yet both are modern art.

Had we not had a tour, I don’t think we would have fully appreciated what went into this exhibit. Like the art or not, our members came away with a deeper understanding of the artist and her art. Thanks to Emily Murphy, an Art Advisor, and guide of Art Tours for INC members, everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

Long-time member Marisa Cavero sent a lovely thank you note that sums up the day for many of us, I believe: “I went to the gallery with no expectations at all, just to “socialize”, but I found myself there in such a beautiful and interesting place that I´m still living on the memories. Thank you for providing this opportunity which re-opened to me an almost closed door to contemporary art (also ancient, remember Courbet those who attended) and to the highest level of style in decoration and architecture. Thank you again, and keep going!”

Many attending members asked me to tell the rest of you more about Emily. Please check the Blog in coming weeks for an article about Emily, and what an Art Advisor does.

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