Plasencia…By Kirsty Leggatt

by Susannah Grant posted on 14 September 2016

In August we visited Plasencia, a lovely town in Western, Spain about 2.5 hours drive from Madrid. It’s a medieval walled city on the famous “Silver Route”.

Main city sites:

  • Catedral de Plasencia
  • The remains of a Roman Aqueduct

  • The city walls with six gates in all
  • The museum (located near the Cathedral)
  • Various other churches, monasteries and convents.

We stayed at the Parador, which has been converted from a Monastery. It has fabulous historical value and the building is spectacular. For this stay at the Parador we opted for “half board” which includes breakfast each day and lunch and/or dinner. This means of course that you’re limited to eating most meals at the hotel restaurant. I’d recommend checking the reviews for the particular Parador before you take this option to ensure that the restaurant has received decent assessments. We enjoyed the food but the half board meant we we’re limited in our menu selection. It was a different way of doing things and we just wanted to check this option out.

Cherries are particularly popular in Plasencia and must be grown locally (but we were unable to find any fresh ones). You can however find lots of cherry influenced products like jewellery, magnets, pate and cheese flavoured with cherries, dried cherries, etc, etc …

I do recommend that you visit this picturesque city.

Parador Plasencia
Parador Plasencia



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