Pulpo a la Gallega. By Heather Taylor

by Susannah Grant posted on 28 October 2015


Yes, it’s true – Pulpo a la Gallega has become one of my favorite dishes here in Spain. Every time we go out to eat my eyes seek it out on the menu and I break into a smile when I finally find it.

Until one day while sitting on my computer, searching on Google for sea animals for one of my daughters I caught sight of a picture of Pulpo a la Gallega. My curiosity was peaked and I continued to search, until I finally found it – a recipe for my favorite dish in English! (http://www.spanish-food.org/seafood-pulpo-a-la-gallega.html)   I could not believe it, the recipe made it sound so simple, surely that couldn’t be correct. I bookmarked the page with future plans to try and cook it, then promptly forgot about my intentions as normal everyday commitments took control of my life.

Embracing Spain!
Embracing Spain!

Then it happened again – I was wandering through the market and there was Octopus on sale. I thought back to the recipe and remembered it mentioned you could freeze it, and decided to buy it on the spot. I continued home and safely tucked it into my freezer next to other food bought with good intentions.

Two days later my husband mentioned that his family was coming to dinner. My brain leaped as I thought of what to make and landed on the Octopus in my freezer. I was quite excited and not the least bit nervous about attempting to make it until I saw my in-laws surprised faces when I mentioned what I was going to be making for lunch. Surely it was as easy as the recipe portrayed?

My girls decided to pitch in and help. As I am sure every Spanish recipe for Pulpo a la Gallega calls to do, I began by boiling the water and dipping the Octopus tentacles in and out of the hot water. The girls were as excited as I was to see the tentacles turn a purplish red and curl up as I pulled it out of the water. So you know, the tentacles will curl up for three or four dips!

I excitedly served my Pulpo a la Gallega with flourish for my family and in-laws and can happily report it was a success! There was not even a small piece left. So if you are looking to impress guests when they come to town, I highly recommend giving it a try!

Pulpo a la Gallega
Pulpo a la Gallega
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