Rosa Bailliez – There From the Start!

by Patty Ryan posted on 20 September 2012

Our dear friend Rosa is a founding member of INC. She attended the first meeting of INC 25 years ago, and she has been a member every year since. Rosa has been a constant presence in the club, serving many years on the board, working tirelessly and quietly behind the scenes to keep INC going. Her task was not easy in those early years with limited phone service, no computers, databases, ADSL, email, websites, bank accounts, or many of the other luxuries currently at our disposal to help us manage club business. Some of us remember a shoe box filled with all our receipts and bills and the bag we carried around with our cash box. Without Rosa dealing with our advertisers, many times driving to their places of business to collect funds face to face, we would not have been able to print our newsletter. Back in those caveman days, Nuevas Amigas was the only source of information about our club’s activities and was a invaluable resource that many new gals desperately needed to find there way here in Madrid. We all owe her a big “thank you” and a hug for 25 years of hard work, loyalty and friendship.

Rosa promised to write her story…which will appear on this blog at some point very soon.


That’s Rosa on the left in about 1994 at an area coffee. Many of you will remember others in this picture….please write a comment or two about those you recognize.


Here is a lovely picture of Rosa taken today, in almost the same pose, at the September General Meeting.

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