Safari Madrid…By Heather Taylor

by Susannah Grant posted on 18 May 2016

Looking to get out of the city for a day? I am always surprised how many people have yet to hear about Safari Madrid (, but that is probably because any random day off from school my girls and I head off to the Safari.Safari Madrid

Safari Madrid has a little bit of everything. Upon entrance to the Safari you will get out of the car and can watch the impressive bird show which is next to the mini zoo, where my kids love seeing the wolves who press their noses up against the glass to smell the kids and then follow them back and forth as they run.

Next, you can walk or get back into your car and head over to the lunch area. Here you can buy your lunch or snacks (although note on off season days they are not always open so I always pack a picnic). Behind the lunch area is the gift shop and the bird area (which often gets overlooked – I don’t think we saw it till our third or fourth trip). But my kids’ favorite activity in this area is the goats! Here you are allowed to enter in and feed and hold the goats. Spring is a great time of year to go, as there are plenty of baby goats to hold, they cuddle right up in your arms and nestle in for a nap. On our last trip we were lucky enough to see babies who were only a day old! Now why they do sell carrots to feed the goats? I highly recommend you refrain, as soon as you enter with a bag of carrots the goats will be jumping on you and knocking each other away. Across from the goats are go-karts, slides and a pool – we have actually never ventured over there as my kids are all about the animals.

Now it is time to get back into the car and head towards the picnic area. If you are lucky you will arrive in time to see the reptile show and even get to hold a snake! Located in this area is also the insect house, the alligator and crocodile habitat, the reptile house and of course ice cream concession stand!

Next it is time to get back in your car and head to the main attraction! That’s right – the drive thru safari area of the park. In the first two sections, roll down your windows and enjoy feeding the ostriches, reindeer, emus, horses and much more. Just be careful with the zebras – they can bite! In the third section it is time to roll up your windows as you drive by the lions. The fourth section you will see the impressive Bison, I never appreciated how big they really are till having them that close to my car. Then on to the fifth section – the hippos, rhinoceros, brown bear and the baboons – but make sure you don’t stop your car unless you want a visitor to come along for the drive. Don’t worry, if you have missed anything you can see it on the return loop. Have fun exploring!

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