Spa Vacations in Spain – by Anne Pinder

by Patty Ryan posted on 27 January 2014

Long distance Spas (more than 400 kms from Madrid)

Here are some of Ann Pinder’s suggestions on spas 400 kms from Madrid. Probably best to consider visiting these spas over 3 to 4 days. Take a week off if you can !

Galicia is a spa paradise with at least 15 spas spread around this northwestern region. One of the best known is Balneario de Mondariz, in Mondariz, Pontevedra. There are several hotels near this spa from 4 star ratings to basic hotels. This is a classic elegant spa famous for its water treatments. It is near the coast and has a beautiful golf course open to guests visiting the spa.

Another lovely spa is the Balneario Prats in Caldas de Malavella (Girona). It is famous for its de-stress and beauty treatments. A great side tour one can do is to visit the town of Girona which is nearby. Also this coastal part of Spain is breathtaking.

Closer to Barcelona is the Balneario Broquetas in Vila de Caldes, Caldes de Montbui. Here,you can stay in several 4 and 3 star hotels. .

balnaribroquetas1 Camatermal Thermal Treatment Broquetas












In Cantabria, visit the Balneario Puente Viesgo. This is a classic spa with 4 star hotels nearby. De-stress and try their medical treatments.

Another nice spa in Cantabria is the Balneario La Hermida located in the Hermida Valley near Picos de Europa. It has been newly renovated and there are several hotels (4 star to basic) nearby.

Balneario La Hermida, La Hermida (Cantabria). Several hotels, 4* to basic. De-stress, medical. Newly renovated, in the Hermida valley near Picos de Europa.

La Hermida Exterior balneario La Hermida La Hermida













In Granada, there is the Balneario Lanjaron. It is located in the mountains south of Granada. While visiting this spa, make it a point to also take the time to visit the Alhambra (if you haven’t already !) Balneario Lanjaron has de-stress, beauty and medical treatments and is one of the few spas in Spain that offer treatments with olive oil.




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