Spotlight on Dolores Gage by Susannah Grant

by Susannah Grant posted on 26 April 2017

This month, we dive into the world of trilingual artist, rockstar, educationist, mother of 3 boys (including twins) who has a deep interest in personal growth….Dolores Gage.

1.  Where are you from and what brought you to Madrid?

I was born in London and attended the Lycée Français but spent my childhood travelling between France (visiting my Anglo-American paternal grandparents), and Spain (visiting my Spanish maternal grandmother and relations). Growing up trilingual has made me feel truly international.

A job in branding brought me to Madrid in 1998 although my husband Pedro was subsequently posted to Britain. We then spent 10 years as expats there and in the Netherlands, returning to Spain in 2015.

2.  How did you become a ceramic artist?

Working with my hands has been my lifelong passion, whether it be photography, weaving, batik printmaking or woodcarving. When it came to designing and building our first home here together, Pedro challenged me to sculpt a unique basin that would fit in with our Mediterranean style. My first sculptural basin was born, “Hands”, inspired by a project I’d presented for my Diploma in Art & Design Studies in London. I now make sculptural basins, paintings, tableware and decorative objects and also teach creativity through pottery. As the INC members in my classes know, I love to put people back in touch with their own creative energy and working with clay also provides a great common theme around which expats/Spaniards alike can socialise together.


3.  Tell us about the MA you did in International Education & Bilingualism


In this fast-changing world, education systems that focus solely on transmitting content are not serving our children or society effectively. Arguably, such systems stifle children’s natural curiosity, guiding them away from individuality towards conformity.

The M.A. was fascinating because it focused on educational best practices drawn from the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and education highlighting the need to develop students’ individual talents and interests, as well as their social, emotional and thinking skills, to become lifelong learners.

4.  How did you get into a rock band?

Last year, I was approached by a talent scout looking for the next winners of the MTV Mothers of Rock Award! This led to a group of five ‘game for a laugh’ mums getting together and ‘Moms N’ Roses’ was formed! None of us had any prior instrumental experience; I ended up playing the bass guitar, which I now love. Admittedly, it can be both exciting and terrifying on stage so we “hide” behind crazy wigs and sunglasses!

5.  You fit many passions into your life, are you a real life Superwoman?

Not at all! I think it’s more a question of my “Carpe Diem” attitude to life that has enabled me to make the most of opportunities.

Life has also taught me that it’s the sense of connection that gives meaning to life: spiritual connection to a higher power (our faith), internal connection to the source of one’s energy (our passions and talents), emotional connection to one’s support network (our family and friends)… So it is in fact the pursuit of those passions that gives me the energy to do what I do.



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