Spotlight on Kirsty Leggatt by Susannah Grant

by Susannah Grant posted on 4 June 2017


This month we take a peak into the life of the INC’s very own Blog Editor and published author, Kirsty Leggatt

  1. How long have you been in Madrid?

Nearly three years now.

  1. What brought you to Madrid in the first place?

My husband, Ray, is the Australian Defence Attaché for Southern Europe. He’s a Captain in the Australian Navy. 

  1. Where have you lived before?

We lived in New Delhi, India for 12 months while Ray was attending the Senior Defence College there. This was an amazing place to live! Between the monkeys that would wreak havoc on the neighbourhood (until the monkey man moved them on!), the local elephant that would wander down the street and the general New Delhi chaos there was plenty of material for the “deligrams” I sent back to Oz!

  1. How did you become an erotic fiction author, what do you think it takes to become one, why the increasing popularity in that genre do you think?

I started writing about the same time that digital books became popular. The advent of the e-book really changed the world of publishing. I have a publisher but the digital world has made it possible to self-publish. I’ve always loved reading and you have to be an avid reader of the genre in which you want to write in order to write successfully. I also write under a pen-name which is quite usual for erotic fiction authors. I believe the erotic genre probably increased in popularity along with the notoriety of the Fifty Shades trilogy.

  1. What is your secret Madrid?

For tapas we love “Mercado de la Reina” and for a good Spanish restaurant with an extensive menu, “Pelotari” is a favourite. I love wandering the streets of Chueca where you can always find interesting restaurants and boutiques. 

  1. Do you have any stories about adapting to life here in Madrid?

An embarrassing moment with a shop attendant where I confused “cojines” with “cojones” and asked him could I take a closer look please!

  1. What does this city mean to you?

Madrid is one of my favourite cities and I believe, definitely the best city in Europe to live. We’ve made many friends and have fabulous memories of our time here.

  1. Where is home for you now?

From next January home will be Canberra, Australia.

  1. What Spanish customs have your family absorbed into your own culture/family life?

We eat late now!

  1. What’s unmissable for you in Madrid?

Of course the museums are a must see. Also there are some tapas/food tours that are invaluable for discovering the best foodie places. A good book – “Ghosts of Spain” by Giles Tremlett. This book has some great information for any foreigners settling to live in Spain.  Part social history, part travelogue, gives a good insight into Spanish culture, lifestyle and country from an expat’s perspective.

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