Spotlight on Laura Summers by Susannah Grant

by Susannah Grant posted on 15 March 2017


Our INC community is fascinating by its diversity and this month heralds the start of a new series of interviews with different members called “Spotlight on ….”  in which Susannah Grant discovers more about the personality behind some of the familiar faces we encounter at INC events.

Wannabe Flamenco dancer, LAURA SUMMERS, gives us some insight into her role as INC’s President and how she ended up rubbing strange goo on her legs shortly after she arrived in Madrid 5 years ago.

What does your role as President of the INC entail?

My job as President is actually an easy job, maybe the easiest position on the Board (thanks to my amazing team!!)  My job mostly consists of running the Board Meetings, interacting with all of the wonderful members of this club.  I have been able to meet so many different people and feel lucky enough to have made some great friends!

What is your secret Madrid?

I love so many things about Madrid.  The food is AMAZING!  But my favorite thing to share with Newcomers is not a secret!  I love going to Cerámica de La Cal to buy hand painted pottery.  I think I must have at least one of almost everything they sell by now!

Have you or any member of your family here absorbed any Spanish customs/expressions into your own culture/family life?

My kids have definitely become fluent Spanish speakers.  They have also embraced Soccer as a lifestyle and I took 2 years of Flamenco classes, although regrettably I am not going to be the next Lola Flores.

Do you have any strange or funny stories about adapting to life here in Madrid?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but we are all friends, so I can share it…  During the first few weeks I was here my skin was getting super dried out.  So I headed off to the store to find a solution.  With my VERY limited Spanish I bought what I thought was a lotion.  I came home and rubbed it all over my legs but it was all filmy and not rubbing in.  I showed it to my husband and sure enough, it was shower gel!!

What’s unmissable for you in Madrid?

Ah ha! You mean apart from the wine…? I love walking through the different neighborhoods of Madrid; popping into different cafes and boutique shops and just generally exploring.  Madrid has so much to offer.

If you could wave a magic wand where would you go next?

Well, I have actually just waved my magic wand, and we will be returning back the sunny beaches of Los Angeles, CA this summer.

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