Spotlight on Loreto Saura by Susannah Grant

by Susannah Grant posted on 7 March 2018


This month we take a peak into the life of INC’s co-Museum Visit Coordinator and Assistant Treasurer, ex furniture restorer and current artist, event planner and madrileña, Loreto Saura

  1. Your father was a pilot and your mother brought you and your 6 brothers and sisters up to be outward looking, what impact has this had on your life?

My father always insisted that we should travel and learn from the experience, we did just that and now my family comprises members from Holland, Russia, Colombia and India.

Editor’s Note: Before you read any further I would just like to point out that the similarities between Loreto’s life and mine only came to light once I was interviewing her. Hard as that may seem to believe! I’m finding it quite incredible myself!! Both our children share the same names and both our Andrés´s have ADHD. Plus both our children´s parents are a Spanish-British combination. 

  1. As a Brit myself, married to a Spaniard, please tell me what it’s like being married to a Brit as I’m curious!

Ha! Ha! Despite being British, Craig, has acquired many Spanish traits over the years and his sharp British sense of humour often comes in handy in certain situations!

  1. Do you have any stories about adapting to life in New York?

When we arrived in 2000, I kept inquiring about the “Whitney Houston Museum” (instead of the Whitney Museum of American Art) and after a while people started wondering if indeed there WAS a museum dedicated to the American Singer…..

4. How did you get into painting?

After years of studying Contemporary Art I was asked to start a painting group with a friend of mine. I was hooked from the start and pleasantly surprised that I was able to create art and experiment with it. Now I really understand why people say that “Art soothes the soul”.

5. Why do you prefer painting to furniture restoration?

Painting gives me more freedom, there is no copying and set procedures or techniques to follow. It feels more creative and more challenging.

6. You adopted your son from Russia. Please tell us about that experience.

Our much-loved son, Andrés came to us when he was 1; adoption is a wonderful way to form a family. Our main aim in life has always been to teach both him and his sister, Claudia, to be autonomous and to enjoy life’s challenges. However, adoption is tough as it forces you to deal with emotional scars, the absence of medical history and many other issues connected to their roots and start in life. You need to have a very supportive network of family and friends.

7. Tell us about your project to teach art in small groups that you’re working on right now.

We offer Arts-related activities though OCIDYR (Ocio Dirigido) and have edited a book that includes 20 of my paintings and 20 poems inspired by them. We also fundraise through cultural activities for charities.

8. What is your secret Madrid?

El Parque del Capricho with its stunning different European horticultural styles and even a bunker from the Spanish Civil War.

9. Tell us about the other facet of your career as a wedding/event planner

I used to work as event/wedding planner at the emblematic Hotel Plaza and I still organise weddings occasionally as I love it!  After months of hard work it is very rewarding to participate and see the happiness you have helped to create.

10. If you could wave a magic wand what would you do next in your life? 

Set up my own painting workshop, open an art gallery and travel round the world in search of new ideas, inspiration and learning experiences.

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