The Magic Forest – For Kids or Parents? by Heather Taylor

by Susannah Grant posted on 2 November 2016


Okay, we have all seen those huge, noisy indoor playgrounds with a million kids running around screaming and shrieking. Before having kids I often wondered why parents would take their children to one of these places, now as a mother I completely understand. As I sit quietly at my table, as an experienced mother easily blocking out the noise but remaining tuned in for the shrieks of my own children, I look around myself and see other mothers and fathers doing the same.  Some quietly sipping a cup of coffee, some with heads nodding as they are trying to makeup for a few minutes of sleep robbed from the night before by those now happily playing children, some working on computers, and others catching up with friends, family and spouses.  

Now you may wonder why I am writing about one of these places, for the fast approaching Holidays I am giving you a gem of a place to give yourself a break.  For your own children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren – go have a quiet moment (or not so quiet) or have an actual conversation with other adults while the kids get the energy out.

On the outskirts of Madrid, in Pozuelo, is the place for you.  The Magic Forest ( is located directly next to the movie theaters in Cuidad de La Imagen.  Important to remember when you are preparing to go, they highly recommend pants or shorts (no dresses or skirts) so the kids can happily go down the slides and toboggans.  All kids must also have socks to enter – they do sell them there in case anyone forgets theirs.

They have two areas within The Magic Forest – one for the little ones (3 and under) and the second area for (4-12 year olds). And yes, you can even leave your children playing there while you go to the movies!

Or if you prefer to sit while the kids are playing, there are plenty of tables to relax in and even a restaurant located within the building. And what could be better then sitting and having a snack while being able to see your children on one of the big televisions playing happily?  

Enjoy your break from the kids!

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