The Napkin. By Marjorie Kanter

by Susannah Grant posted on 30 November 2016

We have something a little different for you this week. Our fellow INC member, Marjorie Kanter is sharing with us some of her creative work. Marjorie is currently working on adapting some of her work into Spanish and in that process, she is working with native Spanish speakers who give input to drafts that she shares with them to help her get them just right.  A number of Spanish INC members are currently meeting with her as well as other native speakers to participate in this process.

Many of these pieces are influenced by her time in Spain.

Periodically, Marjorie will be sharing other entries with us which are to be included in her projected book, Historias para la espera.

The Napkin

When he sat down he asked for a napkin.

He asked again when he ordered his meal.

He did it again when the wine and bread were served
and still again
when the first course was placed in front of him.

A glow formed on his lips as he began to eat.
He called to the waiter and asked (still) another time.

The shine spread and then began to drip.

He carefully took a look around the room
just before he picked up
a corner of the tablecloth and wiped his mouth
(more than once).

-Originally published in ‘I displace the air as I walk.”, 2004.

(La) Servilleta

Cuando se sentó,
pidió una servilleta.

La pidió de nuevo,
al elegir los platos.

Lo hizo otra vez,
cuando le sirvieron
el vino, el pan (y)
otra vez cuando
le sirvieron
el primer plato.

apareció un pequeño resplandor
en sus labios.
Llamó al camarero.
Sin éxito… repitió su petición.

El brillo creció y empezó a gotear.

Cuidadosamente, echó
un vistazo por (todo) el salón
justo antes de levantar
la punta del mantel
y limpiarse
(más de una vez.)

-Originally published in “I displace the air as I walk” and a working version in Spanish-

Marjorie Kanter is an author of short literary pieces and trainer in creativity and writing.

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