We need a Blog Editor for this INC year. How about You?

by Patty Ryan posted on 8 September 2014

Welcome to another INC season.

I am keeping the chair warm for the Blog Editor post for the next few weeks. I think you´ve heard enough from me as your President the last two years so I would welcome one or, better yet, two people to come forward to take over the job of Editor. If you can give a couple of hours a week to preparing articles to post on the web please do get in touch with me: blog@incmadrid.org

If you don´t have time to take on the job of Editor, perhaps you could send us an article to publish? We are always looking to hear from you, our members. I know you didn´t sit around all summer doing nothing.










Did you go to a nice restaurant? Did you try a new recipe that you would like to share? What about taking a new class? Did you see a show or an exhibit that´s still open? Did you travel in Spain, or somewhere else?

We, your fellow members, would like to read about it. It does not have to be long; just a short write-up, maybe with a photo or two. If written English isn´t your strength, write it up and we´ll help you edit it. Don´t be intimidated by our professional contributors like Trevor or Anne. We editors love them because they always have something to say but I know you too have something to tell us. So please, we want ALL our members to contribute to this blog. That´s what makes it interesting.

Please help replace me soon!! See you at the General Meeting next week.


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