International Newcomers Club of Madrid is a dynamic, English-speaking, non-profit, non- religious and non-political, international organization that began in 1988. We have around 200 members representing 40 different countries.

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Events & Activities for INC members

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Monthly Meetings

Each month, from September to June, we make it our mission to expand the mind of our members at the Monthly Meetings by introducing you to the diversity that Madrid offers in terms of culture, architecture, art, wellness, inspirational speakers and more. Come along to these big events, meet friends and members that you may not yet know.

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Coffee Mornings

Our Coffee Mornings, held on a monthly basis, are one of the unique features of INC. At the coffees, which are hosted by one of our members, you get to know fellow members living in you own local neighbourhood. The Coffee Mornings along with the Area Chats on WhatsApp provide an instant familiar community offering support, exchange of ideas, local information and tips. All our members get assigned to one area but are of course welcome to join any or all the Coffee Mornings.

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INC Activities

In addition to our Monthly Meetings and Coffee Mornings, INC arranges a wide array of different activities for our members. These include, but are not limited to events related to culture, art, cooking, wine and tapas, excursions and trips, museums, book clubs, wellness, sports and socialising.

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Member Activities

Our members are our biggest asset possessing a variety or talents, skills, passions, interests and wisdom. Any INC member can organise an activity or event, either as an individual or as part of their business.

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