We have lots of wonderful people working within our organization. The list below should help you identify the correct way to get a hold of us:

By Email

General inquiries info@incmadrid.org
Membership inquiries membership@incmadrid.org
Do you have an event or activity you would like to schedule? Please contact our Web Administrators at:calendar@incmadrid.org
Do you have timely information for our weekly E-News? Deadline is the every Friday by 8PM. Please contact our editor at:enews@incmadrid.org
Do you have an article to submit for our weekly Nuevas Amigas Blog? Deadline is the 15th of each month. Please contact our editor at:blog@incmadrid.org
Would you like to advertise with us?advertising@incmadrid.org
Have you found a venue you think our members might like to visit for a Monthly Meeting? Please contact our Monthly Meeting planning team:gms@incmadrid.org
If you have photos of any of our events, please send them to:photographer@incmadrid.org
Are you a vendor wishing to sell your products to INC-members? Please contact our Vendor Relations Officer:vendorrelations@incmadrid.org
Are you an Open Doors member arriving from another country?opendoors@incmadrid.org
If you have photographs from INC activities and you would like to contribute them to the INC yearbook, please send them to our historian.historian@incmadrid.org