Yucalcari – a day trip kayaking from Madrid! By Caroline Ferneyhough

by Susannah Grant posted on 4 May 2018


I recently went on a day trip out of Madrid, kayaking!

Yucalcari is a company that rents kayaks & stand up paddleboards to use on the San Juan reservoir. I went with a group of Moms from school, at the end of their summer season, in late September. The reservoir is about an hour’s drive west from Madrid. We came prepared, wearing swimmers, some had water shoes on. The facility had a lockable change room, where we left our car keys, and changed clothes. The company provide life jackets, and then we chose either single or double kayaks. After a quick debriefing from Yucalcari, we headed to the shore.

As it was the end of a hot, dry summer, the water level was low, so we were able to see the remains of a Roman bridge, usually submerged by the water. We kayaked for an hour, with some of us jumping into the water for a dip. There’s a couple of restaurants beside the water, we had a reservation at one of these for a paella lunch, before heading back to Madrid. Whilst we were there, a school group were also having lots of fun, so it’s lots of fun for the kids too. The kayak rental was 10 Euros per hour. Call before you go, to check they are open!

+34 617 709 274 & their website is www.yucalcari.com

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